Half Indigenous olive-fed Greek Black Pig

It comes in a box that contains 5 pieces with the bone on, from the Greek Black Pig.

The box weighs ±25 kilos.

Every piece is packed in a vacuum bag.

  • 1 bone-in leg, weighs ±8,500 kilos
  • 1 bone-in shoulder, weighs ±4,500 kilos
  • 1 bone-in pancetta, weighs ±3,500 kilos
  • 1 bone-in steak, weighs ±5,500 kilos
  • 1 bone-in neck, weighs ±3,000 kilos

Keep refrigerated at 0-4⁰C

Can also be frozen (-20⁰C) with storage life up to 18 months.

We cook the sausages without carving them, so we keep their juices, for greater delicious pleasure.

Half Indigenous Greek Black Pig special fed with olives:
1 leg with bone
1 shoulder with bone
1 pancetta with bone
1 steak with bone
1 neck with bone

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