Burger 100% Greek Beef

100% Handmade Burger from Greek Beef

Maintenance Instructions

Keep in the freezer (-18⁰C).

Not to be eaten raw.

Can be cooked straight from freezer.

Once defrosted, do not refreeze.




Consumed cooked. Bake on high heat 7-10 ‘for grill and pan and 20-30’ for oven. Bake them as they are, without thawing them.

“Greek beef 85%, water, breadcrumbs (wheat flour, salt, yeast, sesame), formated wheat protein, onion, soy protein, whey powder (milk), egg powder, potato fiber, salt, spices (onion, paprika, black pepper, nutmeg, chilli peppers, marjoram, parsley, coriander, turmeric, cement, cumin, ginger, garlic), hydrolysed vegetable protein (rapeseed, corn), stabilizers: sodium acetate, sodium citrate, salt, antioxidants: sodium ascorbate, ascorbic acid, aromatic substances, spice extracts, soy sauce (water, soy, salt, sugar, wheat flour).

May contain traces of celery, mustard and sulfur dioxide”

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