The family is dedicated to the indigenous Greek black pig breeding in gregarious form.


The Greek black pig breeding is passed on the second generation of the family


The black pig breeding is passed on the third generation of the family, George Fotiadis, who is the father of the current owners.


A mountainous pasture of 300,000 m2 is incorporated in the farm.


The Farm starts supplying the biggest commercial chains, restaurants in Athens and winter destinations with wild boar meat.


The wild boars of Fotiadi’s Farm, due to the ideal pasture and the plant-based feeding, stand out for their flavor and quality.


The construction of the modern factory of 1,200 m2 for processing and producing meat is completed.


An investment project of 1,450,000€ in machinery and production lines for deli meat is completed.


Fotiadi’s Farm participates in the European program “Qubic” which is about the dissemination and maintenance of the Mediterranean Black Pig.


A special analysis made by CERTH ascertains that the existence of omega3-omega6 fatty acids in special-fed Black Pig’s fat is 58 times higher than the conventional pork.


The invention of special feeding with olive is submitted to IPO.This completes the registration of perhaps the most MADE IN GREECE product.


The company Farma Fotiadis proceeded to the implementation of a program amounting to 420,000 € for the supply and installation of light-tube systems for the lighting of production and storage areas.


Impressive percentages of polyphenols in the meat of Olympus Black Pig. Analyzes of Α.Τ.Ε.Ι. Thessaloniki 335% more polyphenols than conventional pork.


Fotiadis Farm creates its new


Our History

Our family since 1925 is inextricably linked to pig farming, this tradition has continuously reached the 5th generation. We consider the revival of the Greek Black Pig to be our moral obligation because we walked with this pig from 1925 to 1998.
We feel grateful for the valuable scientific support and research of the professors: Argyriou Anagnosti (EKETA), Ambrosiadis Ioanni (AUTh), Tzika Eleni (AUTh), Ioannina Elias (AUTh.) And the late Alexopoulos Konstantinos (AUTh.), Without their help we would not have the current results in the special olive breeding.
The main purpose of our company is the production of Greek alternative and quality meat. With respect to the consumer, we raise our animals in their natural environment with plant foods, observing the strict rules set by nature.

Company presentation

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Fotiadi’s Farm holds the patent for the pig feeding method with olive by the Industrial Property Organization in 2015. Assurance in the association.

2015 Patent


Fotiadi’s Farm, at the end of 2015, applied in the PCT – Patent Cooperation Treaty for the international protection of its patent for the pig feeding method with olive fruit.

2014 Applying for protection of invention


Fotiadi’s Farm holds the patent for “the method of producing meat products from farmed game and ostrich with the special Mediterranean marinade”. A process which by using olive oil, wine and seasonings softens and promotes the wild boar’s unique flavor, without the use of preservatives.

2008 Patent


Fotiadi’s Farm has been selected by the ambulatory clinic of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki as a standard for the education of the School of Veterinary Medicine AUTH students. During the visits, veterinary advice is provided in order to prevent pigs’ diseases and improve the breeding techniques.

2005 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Diplomas – Certifications