2016 Hellenic excellence Gastronomic Culture

Participation of our company in the Hellenic excellence gastronomic culture event in Beringen, Belgium

Following is an article from the press release of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

An event that highlights the cooperation of Greek manufacturing companies and Belgian processors was held on Monday, September 5, 2016 entitled “Hellenic Excellence Gastronomic Culture” in Beringen, Belgium to present and promote high quality Greek products in the Belgian market.

The “Hellenic Excellence Gastronomic Culture”, which was under the auspices of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and took place in a specially prepared space of the large chain of wholesale stores VAN ZON, was honored by the presence of the Deputy Minister of Rural Development & Food, Mr. Bolaris, the Greek Ambassador to Belgium, Mrs. Eleftheria Galathianaki, the expatriate MP of the Brussels Region Mr. Christos Doulkeridis (Party of Ecologists and former Minister of Housing and Tourism in the Land of Brussels in Belgium) and the President of the homonymous Group of Naens, Mrs. Willy Naess Group largest Belgian food companies, also a subsidiary of the VAN ZON chain. Also present was the head of the agricultural sector at the Permanent Representation of Greece to the European Union, Mrs. Efrosini Bousiou, the President and the General Secretary of the Belgian-Greek Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Vassilis Akritidis and Nikolaos Korogiannakis, respectively, the General Hierarchical Commissioner I.M. Of Belgium, representative of the Metropolitan of Belgium, Athenagoras, the Deputy Director of the Institute of Applied Life Sciences of Thessaloniki, Professor Dr. Reader Argyriou, Paul Peeters, CEO of Naessens food production, Erik Carmans of Carmans NV (product distributor), Marion Van Zon of the Van Zon super markets through which the products will be available (for the time being) and many expatriates .

The products on display were the quality meat of the black pig, and produced from this meat cold cuts, the famous roe and fish fillets, quality rice and legumes, pasta, olive oil, Olympus tea, wines, award-winning feta and manouri and honey. More specifically, the companies that participated in the event and presented their products were the following:

Fotiadis Farm (Olympus Black Pig)
Trikalinos (Roe, fish fillet)
Boeotia Farm (Pork)
Agrotype (Rice, legumes, seed oils, pasta)
Olio Greco A.E. (Olive oil)
Melodias (Honey of Flowers and Conifers)
PASTA METAXA (Fresh pasta)
Althea Estate (Olympus Tea)
Drymonas Ltd. (Eleon Gi – olives)
Arvaniti Cheese Factory (Cheeses)

The high quality of the products was presented extensively and thoroughly by the Belgian organizers and Mr. Luc Carmans, President of the large Flemish meat processing and trading company, NV Carmans E. & L ..

During the greeting, Mr. Bolaris congratulated both the Greek producers and the Belgian companies for the initiative and, among other things, referred to the possibilities of quality Greek products in foreign markets.

He also noted the presence of Greek products in international markets over the last 4000 years due to their quality. He referred in particular to the introductory texts of the Greek and European literature, the Iliad and the Odyssey, to the open horizons of the Greek spirit, to the sea horizons described by Homer. He pointed out the descriptions of Greek agri-food by Homer and his references to the excellent olive oil, wine, feta and quality meat of the black pig. The Deputy Minister underlined the firm political will of the Greek government to support every effort to promote our quality products, which incorporate innovations, certify quality and have a strategy of extroversion. He stressed that the present event of Greek and Belgian businessmen and their cooperation is exemplary, worthy of imitation in other areas, emphasizing that today’s event lays the foundation for a long-term cooperation.

The event continued throughout the day with a tasting of Greek products, which was prepared by a team of Greek chefs invited for this purpose, with a large attendance of invited Belgian restaurants and hoteliers.

Finally, the Deputy Minister was guided by a Greek priest to the church of St. Nektarios of the Greek Orthodox Community of Beringen

Source: http://www.minagric.gr/index.php/en/the-ministry-2/grafeiotypou/deltiatypou/3665-dt0909